The most suitable oils for hair

JojobaJojoba and jojoba oil are widely known as the low-fat and easy to wash hair care, suitable for thin and hair care. No less popular coconut oil, which not only smells delicious and nourishing your hair a variety of materials but also prevents greasy hair effect. Castor oil is known as a tool to promote hair growth but is quite difficult to Rinse. So this oil rather uses an eyebrow or eyelash growth. Same oil helps protect the hair from drying out, due to the heat of the sun. Because it is rich in natural substances that mitigate the negative effects of the sun.

Perhaps the owners of all hair type at risk to look like a greasy; oily hair, if you use the wrong, too fat and the severity of the hair giving an oil. It is therefore advisable not to use castor, palm and macadamia oils. Neem oil effectively fights dandruff but has a rather pungent smell, so instead kept private to the most serious cases.

Curly hair is the most appropriate medium-fat oils as this type of hair does not give the desired effect. Meanwhile, thin and blond hair ideally is the jojoba, peach kernel, rice bran, and grape seed oils.

Argan oil is versatile, making it suitable for all types of hair and skin. It is rich in linoleic acid, which helps the body to get rid of inflammation. However, most products argan oil is mixed with silicone. In fact, an even greater amount of beneficial linolenic acid can be found in kiwi, borage, primrose, and even the baobab oils.

Finally, familiarize yourself with Monoi is found in Tahiti gardenia type. Its petals are used coconut, jojoba or other odorless oils for hair and skin. Thus, the true effect gives these oils, but not the gardenia. But its petals enriched by beautiful fragrance oil make the same? True, for the most natural and environmentally friendly product, choose such Monoi oil with no additional synthetic materials, such as artificial flavors.

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