The way to wear blush and lipstick

wear blush and lipstickTo combine the rouge and lipstick makes maximizing these traits. But you have to keep in mind when your makeup also your skin type and hair color.

In general rules the best combinations for autumn winter 2018-2019 are:

  • The red lipstick combined with rouge and rouge pink-orange to achieve look sunlight.
  • ┬áThe lipstick pink and red combined with an orange blush to achieve a contemporary and modern look.
  • The lipsticks orange beige combined with rouge.
  • The beige lipsticks combined with pink blush.

Considering hair color and type of skin, blushers and will blend best bars, Los shown below:

  • In a clear complexion and dark hair are suitable Blushers reddish tones, brown, pink, gold, and peach, with matching lipstick in light pink, coral or red.
  • A cut is clear and with blonde hair, blush suitable are in beige, pink and peach. With matching lipstick in pastel pink, light pink, peach or brown.
  • In a clear complexion with red hair, blush suitable is amber and dark pink, with matching lipstick light peach, raspberry or wine.
  • In a dark complexion and dark hair is suitable rouge in gold, brown, pink and purple. With matching lipstick in brown, red and pink salmon.
  • In a dark complexion and the hair dark, are suitable rouge red, brown and wine, which combined with red and fuchsia.
  • In olive complexion and dark hair is suitable copper color blush wine with matching lipstick in burgundy, brown or copper
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