These are the benefits of laughter

The laughter has spawned us great benefits, it is restorative and contagious. Laughter strengthens us and increases good social relationships between people.

On the love plane, a couple who laughs constantly is a happy and surely more stable couple. The laugh is fantastic and we all like to have a laugh with friends or family from time to time.

Next, we tell you what are the benefits that laughter brings us because in general, they help us improve cohesion between people and strengthen the relationship a lot.

The benefits of laughterLaughter

If we add laughter to a vital experience, it becomes a very pleasant and positive experience for our health. Laughter helps us to be well balanced emotionally; it improves our physique and our mind.

As a curiosity, the Romans and the Chinese used to tickle their enemies for torture. Because as you know, any therapy, food or activity performed in excess can cause negative damage.

However, scientifically it has been shown that laughter greatly increases serotonin in the body, a natural substance that improves our mood.

Release endorphins

The release of endorphins is ideal to make us feel better. It is the greatest benefit that laughter brings us. These substances are also known as the hormones of happiness, the feeling they generate not only benefits our mind but also our body and organism.

Two psychologists from the University of Kansas, Tara Kraft and Sarah Pressman, published a study showing that laughter caused chemical changes in the body resulting in a feeling of well-being. In addition, the substance of dopamine appears which contributes to a general increase in mood.

This dopamine inhibits the production of cortisol, which is the opposite hormone, which produces stress. For these reasons, laughter is very beneficial.

It improves the activity of our heart

Another benefit of laughter is to improve the activity of our cardiovascular system; it strengthens it by improving blood flow and causing blood to reach all parts of the body with force.

The blood flow is activated with physical activity, exercising regularly, at least 30 minutes a day. You can go for a walk, run, and swim or ride a bike. Although also, laughter can help us take care of our overall health.

Act as an analgesic

Laughter can cause a natural analgesic effect. An ideal option for all those people who are going through a time of stress. All those who laugh daily watching funny videos, monologues, or live fun experiences have proven that apart from being happier their stress levels were reduced and their serotonin levels increased.

All this leads to a natural analgesic effect that avoids pain.laughter 1

Increase of our immune system

It has been proven that laughter increases our immune system. It strengthens it, which makes infections and viruses at bay and does not cause us any disease. The body’s defenses are alert, strong and healthy. So do not waste the opportunity to laugh on any occasion.

On the other hand, although there is no scientific evidence, it is said that laughter also causes the following benefits:

  • Help lose weight and lose weight.
  • It improves the appearance of the skin.
  • Prevents insomnia.
  • It helps us to have more imagination.
  • Increase our memory.

All these properties are sure that you will have heard them once; however, they are not scientifically proven unlike the other benefits discussed above.

Take note of these benefits and remember the next time you laugh that you will be improving your mental and physical health. Live your days completely and avoid stress and anxiety, since they are two moods not recommended or healthy for people.

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