Tips against oily skin before using makeup

oily skin makeupThe oily skin is difficult to disguise because however much you try to hide the shine of your skin. After a while appears as bright as a mirror this may be because you use moisturizers methods inadequate. One advantage of having this type of skin is showing no signs of aging quickly as with other types of skin. The disadvantage is that oily complexions are more likely to fill your face. With pimples and blackheads on your Most are difficult to hide.

The biggest challenge for the makeup in this skin type is to be the most appropriate and does not cease to be natural. It is necessary to treat the skin before using makeup. It is elementary to apply an astringent and tonic after a day cream light and fluid for combination skin. This is also good to moisturize your skin regularly. If we are to use a cream alpha hydroxy acids as a treatment for this problem. we recommend sunscreen use it because the skin is more exposed and sensitive to sunlight.

The face powder transparent loose is best suited for oily skin. Because they have the longer duration and favor the appearance of background makeup matte effect giving more shade without the need for over-the product, thus the face will look more natural. And if fat comes back over the makeup, it is preferable to use anti-glare wipes. You can also use masks you can make at home mix one egg white with a little-sifted clay. This applies on a clean face and lets it dry completely. Then you remove it with warm water after cleaning the face with wet cotton. So your face will look much cooler.

The perfect makeup for this skin type should contain product that does not contain much oil as this will help brighten the complexion. And is not at all advisable nor is it okay to use makeup that contains alcohol. Because it tends to remove natural oil from skin causing them to produce more.

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