Toothache Say goodbye with our tips

How bad is a toothache, very uncomfortable and makes us suffer a lot of discomforts if we do not control the intensity of pain? It is one of the most common pains that we find, for that reason; we want to tell you how you can treat it naturally at home.

We will tell you what are the most common causes for which we feel toothache and what are the possible treatments that we can carry out to end the problems.

If the toothache persists for a long time, it is not a good sign. Pay attention to the possible causes that may cause these pains to appear in the mouth.Toothache

Causes of toothache

We find many causes for which toothache develops; the most common is to have caries that causes the nerve of the tooth to hurt. On the other hand, we can also feel pain in the gum or the ligament that supports the root.

Oral infections can also be the cause or simply the movement of the wisdom teeth causes that damage.

The first most common cause is having a hidden and untreated caries. Produced by poor oral hygiene, a filling, impaction that has directly affected the nerve of the tooth.

On the other hand, this pain can be directly related to a rash of the wisdom teeth, are the last teeth to come out or erupt and sometimes do not have enough space to do so, causing pain and inflammation in the area.

Having a fracture in a tooth produced by a blow or chewing something very strong. It can cause fissures or cracks, many times they are not visible.

Suffering bruxism, continued grinding of the teeth at night, or excessive clenching can lead to toothache or pain in the mouth in general.

Finally, this pain can be derived from dentin sensitivity, produced by a loss of the gum or by excessive consumption of cold products, such as beverages or acidic foods that cause tooth wear.

How can the pain end?

If the source of the pain is not found and we endure week after week, it could lead to more problems if we can not treat them.

The long-term pathologies are periodontitis or the sensitivity of the teeth due to the retraction of the gums, or the wear of the enamel due to the use of chemicals, whether it is an excess of vinegar, the reflux of stomach acid or sugary soft drinks.

On the other hand, a dry mouth or xerostomia can also cause discomfort that gives rise to discomfort to the person who suffers.

Relieves toothache

We tell you several tips that you can carry out to get rid of the intense pain of molars so that you can alleviate that discomfort at a certain moment.

  • Do not self-medicate. Many people choose to take anti-inflammatory drugs without measure and antibiotics without consulting a doctor. This could cause other problems in our body without realizing it.
  • Go to the trusted dentist so you can diagnose the proper treatment for toothache.
  • Before the first symptom, go to the specialist to treat that pain, the sooner you get a solution before the problem will occur and the best treatment will be performed.
  • Do not use analgesics to calm the pain, this could confuse the body and produce more pain if it is not treated. Camouflaging it is not the solution.
  • If necessary and the pain come from a wisdom tooth, perhaps it is best to remove it, although as we say, your dentist should be the one to advise you.Toothache

Home treatments and quick to alleviate the pain in a moment

  • Apply cold in the affected area, help with a soft cloth and a couple of ice cubes; this will act as an analgesic without the need for medication. You can use this trick whenever you need it.
  • You can use the mouth rinses with water and warm salt several times a day, this will improve your health and your discomfort will gradually go away. You should not swallow the mixture, use it as a rinse.
  • Increase your oral hygiene; the remains of food could cause a greater amount of bacteria inside your mouth. Therefore, brush after meals to avoid the possibility of having bacteria in the mouth.

If you have an affected tooth, spend more time cleaning it.

Keeping a clean and healthy mouth is essential to have good health in general. Therefore, extreme daily hygiene:

  • A correct brushing, if you saw it necessary, you can use the electric brush with a round head.
  • Use of dental floss
  • Interdentally brushes.
  • Mouthwash and dentifrices with fluoride.
  • Go to the dentist at least once a year.
  • Perform oral cleanings in a professional’s office.

We hope you follow these tips so you can avoid toothache. However, our best advice is that you go to the dentist whenever you see it necessary and do not miss the time.

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