What are the properties and benefits of red rice?

In nature there is a wide variety of types of rice, however, there are a few types that come to our pantries. Maybe the red rice does not sound much, however, they will want to buy anything else finish the article.

The benefits and the properties that it offers are very great, a type of natural, exotic rice that has nothing to envy to the most known rice.

Red rice has greater medicinal properties because its peel has not been extracted; the layer of skin surrounding the grain remains increasing its biological values. In this layer, you will find most of the fiber so necessary for the organism, so when we are talking about red rice, we are also talking about brown rice.

Benefits and properties of red rice

Rich in fiber

Red rice is a food rich in fiber, which helps us, improves activity in the intestine, avoids occasional constipation and helps the body to expel toxins that you do not want or need.

If we consume red rice we will feel lighter, it will keep away diseases such as colon cancer and it is very beneficial if we are athletes because it contains good complex carbohydrates.

Satiating food

The carbohydrates that they contain keep us feeling full for longer, which is why it helps us avoid chopping between meals, controlling our appetite and improving our body weight.

The energy that also gives us, is distributed gradually, the organism is organized and acquires energy when you need it.

Control of blood sugar levels

This type of rice has a very low glycemic index, so it does not increase blood sugar but acts as a regulator of sugar that is already in the body. It is a good regulator besides, of the production of insulin.

It benefits a large part of the population since it regulates and controls those levels of sugar that so much concern diabetics.

Powerful antioxidant

This rice contains a large number of antioxidants that fight free radicals; this is achieved by a large number of minerals that includes its nutritional composition.

  • Iron: prevents us from having anemia.
  • Manganese: treats asthma and helps to breathe problem.
  • Zinc: accelerates the recovery of wounds, health in nails and hair. It also improves the body’s immune system.

Rich in vitamin B6

This type of vitamin is necessary to balance the formation of serotonin in the body, ideal for the days before menstruation, helps transform fats into energy and is one of the best vitamins that must be taken into account if what we want is slim down.

Fight bad cholesterol

Perfect food if what we need is to reduce bad cholesterol and increase the levels of good cholesterol. In this case, it is also recommended for all those people who suffer from hypertension or are more likely to have a heart attack.

Strengthens the bony health of the organism

If we want to increase the strength of our bones, we can increase the intake of this type of rice, in this case, it will be very beneficial because it contains high doses of magnesium, the compound necessary for the bones to be strong for longer.

In addition, this mineral helps the absorption of calcium that we acquired from different foods. The consumption of this cereal can avoid bone diseases such as osteoporosis, or premature wear of the bones.

Red rice is more complicated to acquire than the most consumed white or refined rice. However, there are stores specializing in food in which we can find a variety of legumes, cereals, nuts and many less common or known products.

Red rice can become the star product of your dishes, a very versatile food that you can cook it in the same way as if it were white rice. Perfect for garnishes for fish, meat, stews or salads.

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