What happens if I lose weight quickly? We tell you

Many people are looking to lose weight and pounds quickly to look better physically and feel good about themselves; however, do you know what are the consequences of losing weight too fast?

We want you to understand that losing weight too fast is not beneficial or healthy, we tell you about the effects it has on our body.

If you really want to lose weight, we advise you to go to an endocrinologist so that he can advise you and control your diet during your thinning period, control the nutrients and all the food groups necessary to keep you healthy.

The healthy way to lose weight and lose weight is to do it little by little, kilo after kilo, gram after gram.

Risks of losing weight too fast

Quick weight loss is harmful to our health, if we start a very restrictive diet we may lose kilos and make us feel better, miracle diets help us achieve our goal, and however, the price we pay can be very high.

The healthy thing is to lose as much as a kilo a week, not to exceed that weight because it could cause us problems. Losing more than a kilo a week is considered to lose weight quickly, although we should not be confused with the first weeks of a diet because first of all, we lose a lot of fluids, rather than fat.

The body needs calories to function, calories are taken from food. The number of calories we need per day will vary according to our constitution, size, height, weight, age, sex and physical activities we perform.

We will never recommend a miraculous diet because they can endanger our health. Then we tell you what can happen to you if you perform a miraculous diet low in calories for a long time and lose weight very quickly.

Lose muscle

If you carry out a very restrictive diet, your body may run out of glucose reserves and causing muscle tissue consumption to be able to obtain energy. This usually occurs in a large number of diets that seek to lose fat, limiting both the food groups that the body collects energy from the muscles.

Slower metabolism

Your metabolism could work more slowly, this causes weight loss to be slower, which is why it is not recommended since our goal is to lose weight, but in a constant and regular way. It could be 23% lower.nutritional deficiencies

Have nutritional deficiencies

The intake of essential nutrients is reduced due to the small variety of foods that miracle diets usually have. By reducing, the body would not get the minerals and vitamins necessary to function properly, and also, we can have problems that would result in:

  • Hair loss.
  • Fatigue.
  • Fragile bones.
  • The immune system is weak.
  • Anxiety.
  • Stress.

By not eating what we should, minerals and vitamins make our body weak, we are also in a bad mood and a little irascible. Therefore, we always have to take care of what we eat.

Formation of gallstones

The formation of gallstones can be directly related to a poor diet. The gallbladder is responsible for releasing the gastric juices that break down the ingested food; however, if the operation of the gallbladder is irregular and the juices are not released, these gallstones could form.

Upset in general

Finally, it can also cause other health problems, the rapid drop in weight is also related to:

  • Dizziness
  • Weakness.
  • Fatigue in general.
  • Irritability.
  • Muscle cramps.
  • Colds
  • Diarrhea.

We advise that if you want to make a diet to lose weight, you go to your doctor so you can determine what type of diet to advice. The ideal is to have control and monitoring by a professional so as not to have nutritional deficiencies.

Dieting should not be torture, and we should never jeopardize our health, because not only can it weaken us or cause us to lose muscle, it can cause damage in the long run. Do not seek to lose weight quickly, the benefits of getting it are nothing compared to having good health assured.

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