What is peeling?

peelBasically, the peeling is a system by which our skin is rejuvenated. This is a brief and concise definition, which seems to have little content or details on this technique, which will then differentiate the different kinds of peeling there

Through exfoliation scrub is eliminated layers of skin that are already obsolete, in addition to a general restoration of this organ in our body. Thus, after treatment of peeling our skin pores get smaller, making our skin more evenly, as well as being very useful to rejuvenate the face and acne.

Kinds of peels that can be identified:

  • Peels with alpha and beta hydroxy acids
  • Medium strength TCA peels
  • Deep with Phenol Peels

Peel care should be taken not to irritate your skin. Is a period of recovery and changes on it could bring many problems for the process of reconstitution. Therefore, the sunscreen is an essential tool to use after a peel.


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