What vitamin C gives you

Surely we have heard on many occasions how good vitamin C is to strengthen our defenses and avoid colds. But this vitamin has many benefits for our health, in addition to serving our defensive system. Let’s see what benefits this vitamin C has and where we can find it since there are foods that contain more than others.

The vitamins are necessary to perform certain functions and we must have a balanced diet that provides all the nutrients we need daily. Vitamin C is one of those really essential vitamins that have many benefits.

The myths of vitamin C

Although vitamin C may be beneficial to our body, it has not been scientifically proven to be really effective in the long term when it comes to preventing colds. In fact, I am sure that despite having ingested this vitamin every day we have been able to catch the flu on more than one occasion. Yes, it has proven effective in this regard in people subjected to high physical performance, such as athletes. In a person with a normal life, there is usually no change in this regard.

Good for the skin

Vitamin C is very good for the skin and has been shown to be good at healing wounds on the foot and preventing damage to the DNA when we expose ourselves to the sun. This does not protect us from the sun, but it does help to prevent skin damage from UVA rays.

Protects the cardiovascular system

This vitamin has been very effective in protecting our arteries from endothelia 1, a protein that causes the veins and arteries to contract and have worse circulation. Apparently, if you take vitamin C every day it is possible to have healthy arteries in the same way as a person who practices sports and does not have a sedentary life. This will help us avoid cardiovascular problems in the body.


Vitamin C helps the formation of collagen and tissues. This vitamin is perfect to increase collagen that also helps us keep the skin in good condition by preventing aging. In this sense, it is a good vitamin for the formation of bones and for the health of our joints.

Help your anemia

People who lack iron and anemia can benefit from the consumption of vitamin C. It is known that there are some foods that prevent the absorption of iron in the stomach, such as dairy products. But precisely vitamin C helps us absorb iron from food. That is why they recommend taking some kiwis or a glass of orange juice to take food with iron and thus avoid anemia by increasing iron reserves in the body.

What causes a lack of vitamin C

If we lack this vitamin there may be some side effects such as skin problems and scarring. We may also have dry or rough skin and joint pain and inflammation. If we also have anemia this may increase if we do not usually absorb iron well and do not take food with vitamin C, which causes weakness and paleness.

Foods with vitamin C

There are some foods that have a high percentage of vitamin C and that we should incorporate into our diet. Fruits such as kiwi, orange, redcurrant or red fruits, vegetables such as red pepper, green pepper or radish, and breakfast cereals.

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