What your skin needs once it is exposed to the sun

The summer has just begun almost not carry even a month in this wonderful season and surely many of us have already had some other session sun.

Sunbathing is practically inevitable in summer, we wear fewer clothes, our legs and feet are exposed and also, on our vacations we usually go to beach or mountain destinations where the sun hits hard.

We want to tell you the importance of keeping the skin in good condition after being exposed to the sun’s rays. If you want to take care of your skin, you must exfoliate the skin, use moisturizing products rich in collagen and antioxidants to revitalize and look good.

Ideally, after sunbathing we perform a skincare routine. We have to repair the damage caused. Therefore, we want to tell you what you must do next to keep the skin in perfect condition.

Take care of your skin after sun exposure

If we do not protect ourselves from the sun during the summer, we will eventually have skin blemishes, irritation, dryness and it could sting our skin. Therefore, it is very important to be aware of its action in our dermis and know how to treat it after sun exposure.

The photo-aging is a latent problem that affects everyone; it encourages us to wrinkles and sagging skin. We leave some tips for you to take into account to improve your care.

Moisturize your skin

We must not forget to constantly hydrate. Dryness is one of the symptoms we most appreciate after exposing ourselves to the sun for many days. Our skin needs to hydrate and recover elasticity.

For this, we recommend using collagen-based products, antioxidants and drinking lots of water. At a minimum, drink two liters of water a day and control food, drink smoothies and fruits rich in water and vegetables.

Exfoliate your skin

It is the key treatment; exfoliation helps us remove dead skin cells, deeply cleanses the first layers and removes impurities. It helps us to take care of the tissues of both the face and the body.

It is essential for your skin to oxygenate; in addition, it will restore the collagen and help the new cells have the strength and are healthy.

Exfoliate the skin, is the previous action that we must do before starting to improve our health or hydration. Thus, the skin will improve before and everything will be more effective.

Moisturizing foods

There are foods that are perfect to consume after long exposure to the sun, both to take care of it and to maintain the tan. Vegetables, fruits, vegetables and all kinds of vegetables should not be missing in your day by day.

The salads will become your greatest ally, gruesome with lemon and extra virgin olive oil is perfect. On the other hand, white and blue fish will increase protein and your omega 3 levels.

Essential nutrients

Antioxidants, collagen, anti-inflammatory, and water-rich foods are what you need to maintain a good skin condition.

Antioxidants prevent the aging of cells by controlling the action of free radicals. Vitamin E and C are perfect for that care, in addition to retinol, reservation, Einstein, and niacinamide. They are compounds that reduce the oxidative damage of the skin.

You can use masks and moisturizers to apply at night to work during the break so that the skin recovers as soon as possible.

Do not forget to use sunscreen

Even if you don’t go to the beach or sunbathing, do not hesitate to use sunscreen during the summer. We have to keep protecting ourselves from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Because if we don’t protect ourselves and continue to expose our skin to the sun, we could cause more damage because our skin is weaker.

If you prefer, you can also take oral sunscreens, capsules high in antioxidants and nutrients that contribute to skin rehydration.

How to keep the tan

If it has cost you to have a little color on the skin, it is normal and logical that you want to keep it for longer. To do this, we advise you how you can maintain it effectively.

Body scrubs will make your tan the same throughout all parts of your body. In addition, you will eliminate dead cells and impurities so that your skin looks rejuvenated. You have to pay attention to certain areas: knees, elbows, feet, armpits, etc. You can get an exfoliating sponge to make it easier to remove all those impurities.

Sunbathing, is ideal to feel good, increases our vitamin D and fills us with energy, however, we have to do it carefully because if we do not protect ourselves properly, our skin will suffer, will age faster than we want and we could suffer from cancer of the skin.

Therefore, if you see any spots on your body, mole or strange freckles, do not hesitate to go to your GP to keep a check.

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