Why does my baby have acne? Causes and treatment

It is normal to be scared when we see in our baby a lot of pimples on the face. We think directly that some substance or food has produced an allergic reaction.

It usually appears during the first months of life and from here we tell you that they are usually very common outbreaks to many babies. So do not be too scared, but we do not have to skip a consultation with the pediatrician.

These pimples or acne in newborns is known as infant acne. They are white or yellowish pustules that appear in the area of the forehead, the chin, and nose or on the back and shoulders.

When these pimples appear many times we do not know how to react or how to treat them because we all know how delicate the skins of babies are. This pathology appears around 40% of newborns and if we are nursing mothers and have that reaction in the skin, we think that we could be the cause of something we have eaten.

Causes of baby acne

It is also known as neonatal acne land as we mentioned, they usually appear in 40% of cases. Here we comment what are the common causes of these granites.

  • An accumulation of fat that gets trapped in the pores of the face. This happens because the hormones transferred to the baby through the placenta stimulate greater production of fat in the sebaceous glands of the skin.
  • We do not have to relate that reaction or the granites with any food that the lactating mother has consumed. There is no evidence that this is why.
  • Genetic predisposition also comes into play.
  • The children with narrower sebaceous follicles come to create these granites because they have more difficulty than the fat comes naturally.
  • There is no precise reason to clarify the causes. We find many hypotheses.

How is baby acne

To recognize that our baby has acne or neonatal acne, we tell you how these granites are so you can detect them.

  • Keep in mind that these granites do not sting or sting.
  • They do not spread to other parts of the body or spread to adults.
  • They do not relate to anything the baby has ingested.
  • You can also see pimples in the area of the mouth and gums, a type that is known as “Epstein pearls.”
  • You can be born with this type of acne, but it will disappear after a few days.
  • We must pay attention because we could confuse granites with eczemas or crusts, for this reason, if we have doubts, go to the pediatrician to confirm what the baby has.

What to do with baby acne?

As we mentioned, these granites last a short time, they do not stay more than a week, although there are possibilities that our baby will have them again.

They disappear without any special treatment, as they arrived they will leave without hurting. However, we want to tell you some guidelines, advice, and recommendations in case your baby has acne.

  • Do not treat it without consulting your pediatrician. You could cause irritation and skin rashes if you apply chemical products.
  • Do not apply ointments or oils.
  • Avoid exfoliation at all.
  • Yes, you can wash the area, but only with water and soap suitable for babies of months of age.
  • Then dry with a towel very gently to not hurt.
  • The rashes do not hurt, do not cause damage or irritation, it’s just something aesthetic.

The infantile acne if six months old can tell appears after experts have acne in adolescence that is more prone to it.

Do not be alarmed; surely disappear within a few days of appearing or at the most, after a week. Only they should be treated with specific products indicated by the doctor and perform the cures how they indicate us.

The important thing is to maintain the hygiene of our baby, wash and shower to remove dead cells and the production of sebum and sweat. Keep him cared for, pampered and well wrapped by his parents.

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